Eric Hörst on finger training


This is a great video about the always complex (and dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing) topic of finger strength training. Eric Hörst, one of the most renowned coaches in climbing, offers a succinct, easy to understand, explanation of two finger training protocols. If you are an intermediate climber looking to improve […]

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Jongwon Chon wins La Sportiva Legends Only 2016


Jongwon Chon, the young star from South Korea, has won the 6th edition of La Sportiva Legends Only with a perfect performance, 5 tops in 5 attempts. Kokoro Fujii and Alex Megos placed second and third.

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jimmy webb la Sportiva legends only 2016.

Talking with the protagonists | La Sportiva Legends Only 2016

To warm up before the event, here you have some interviews with the people involved in La Sportiva Legends Only 2016: The climbers, the setters, the organizer and an absolute legend from the good old days, Jerry Moffatt.

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Liam Lonsdale on La Sportiva Legends Only 2016

Liam Lonsdale will be the commentator for La Sportiva Legends Only 2016. I caught up with him to see how he prepared for the event… and the guy is thorough, he even tried the problems! Here’s the interview:

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Preview | La Sportiva Legends Only 2016

The most exclusive competition of the season is around the corner. La Sportiva Legends Only takes place this Saturday in Stockholm. 5 of the best boulderers on the planet will have 3 tries to send 5 very hard problems.

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Alberto Rocasolano proposes Spain’s first V16 | 8C+

Spanish Boulderer Alberto Rocasolano has climbed a long-term project of his, La Teoría del Todo, in Albarracín, grading it 8C+ | V16. This is Spain’s first problem of that grade and Rocasolano’s hardest climb to date.

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Teaser: La Sportiva Legends Only 2016

Here’s a short clip to get you psyched for one of the most special events of the season: La Sportiva Legends Only. As always, the line-up is mind-blowing: Jimmy Webb, Rustam Gelmanov, Kokoro Fujii, Alex Megos, Jongwon Chon and Tomoa Narasaki.

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Video: Jernej Kruder climbing Es Pontas

Here it is! Video of Jernej Kruder’s repetition of Chris Sharma’s Es Pontas. Clearly on of the ascents of the year!

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Jongwon Chon establishes Korea’s first V15 | 8C

Korean star Jongwon Chon has opened Korea’s first V15 | 8C, calling it Eternal Sunshine. It is a a tall (about 10m | 32 feet) problem located in Mudeungsan, South Korea. This is Chon’s second ascent of that grade after Asagimadara, which he climbed in March, along with Adam Ondra and Sachi Amma.

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Martin Stranik crushes in Magic Wood

Czech climber Martin Stranik spent some productive days in Magic Wood, Switzerland, over which he climbed several hard lines, including Ill Trill, Mystic Stylez and From Shallow Waters to Riverbed, all graded 8B+ | V14.

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