Tamás Zupán – The path to V15


A couple of weeks ago Tamás Zupán repeated one of the hardest boulder problems in Switzerland: In Search of Time Lost. First climbed by Daniel Woods back in 2008 and graded 8C | V15, it’s one of the hardest and most spectacular roof problems on the planet.

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Red Bull Creepers – Chris Sharma still rules


Last weekend in Puente la Reina, Spain, Chris Sharma proved once again that he’s the master of psicobloc, a.k.a. deep water soloing. The American won the Red Bull Creepers competition against some of the most talented climbers out there, including big stars like Nalle Hukkataival and Rustam Gelmanov.

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Udo Neumann

Udo Neumann on the 2014 World Cup

Right after the award ceremony in Laval we spoke with Udo Neumann. The German coach shared his thoughts on why Jan Hojer and Akiyo Noguchi are the 2014 Overall Champions and talked about route setting, the performance of the German Team and the challenges the IFSC faces.

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Shauna Coxsey climbs New Base Line, third female V14 ever

Today, with her ascent of New Base Line in Magic Wood, Switzerland, British superstar Shauna Coxsey has become the third woman ever to climb a 8B+ | V14 boulder problem.

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V14 | 8B+ by Ashima Shiraishi

With just 13 years of age, Ashima Shiraishi has become the second woman ever to climb a V14 | 8B+ bouldering problem. The young prodigy has sent Golden Shadow in Rocklands, South Africa.

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One Summer in Paradise, another 8B for Coxsey

After securing her overall silver medal in the Bouldering World Cup, Shauna Coxsey is in Magic Wood, Switzerland, “working through unfinished businesses”. She reports that yesterday she managed to climb another 8B | V13 problem: One Summer in Paradise.

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V13 for Puccio and Raboutou

Alex Puccio and Brooke Raboutou have send their first 8B | V13 boulder problem. Top Notch, in Rock Mountains National Park, Colorado, for Puccio and Fragile Steps, in Rocklands, for Raboutou. So far only 8 women have managed to climb a problem of such difficulty.

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2014 Laval Bouldering World Cup – Results

Akiyo Noguchi has won in Laval and has secured the overall title ahead of Shauna Coxsey and Anna Stöhr. On male’s side Rustam Gelmanov has got the gold medal.

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2014 Laval Bouldering World Cup – Semifinals

Perfect difficulty in the semifinal round. Every single problem was solved but none of them was easy. The French team did impressively well and we’ll see 5 French climbers in finals. Noguchi and Coxsey are first and second, the overall title will be decided in the final round.

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2014 Laval Bouldering World Cup – Qualifiers

Big news from the qualifying round in Laval: Jan Hojer has won the 2014 Bouldering World Cup. Dmitry Sharafutdinov had his worst result in a long time and couldn’t make semifinals. Predictable results on women’s side.

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