Ashima Shiraishi sends Terre de Siene, 8B/+


Ashima keeps crushing, she’s now in Hueco Tanks, Texas, where she just climbed two of Fred Nicole’s classics: Terre de Siene (8B/+ | V13/14) and Diaphanous Sea (8A+/B | V12/13).

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La Sportiva Legends Only 2015 | Preview


The international comps are not over, this Saturday Stockholm will host the last big bouldering of the season: La Sportiva Legends Only. We will be there offering exclusive coverage of the event.

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Martin Stranik climbs The Story of Two Worlds 8C | V15

Czech climber Martin Stranik has gone on an 18-day sending rampage in Switzerland. According to his scoreboard he’s climbed at least 7 problems graded 8B or harder, including Dave Graham’s testpiece The Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano.

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Jorg Verhoeven repeats The Wheel of Life

Dutch climber Jorg Verhoeven has repeated what’s probably the most famous line in Australia: The Wheel of Life, a massive linkage of several roof boulder problems in Hollow Mountain Cave in the Grampians.

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Voyager sit repeated by Niccolò Ceria!

Italian climber Niccolò Ceria has pulled off the first repetition of Voyager sit, graded 8B+ | V14 and first climbed by Ben Moon 9 years ago.

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Alex Puccio, 3 V13’s in a month

Alex Puccio is crushing in Colorado once again. 3 weeks ago she sent Irreversible, last week, Don’t get too greedy, yesterday, Free Range. 3 V13’s within a month. And it’s been just 4 months since her knee surgery.

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Ashima Shiraishi repeats Nuclear War V14

American climber Ashima Shiraishi has done the first repetition of Matt Bosley’s Nuclear War, a problem graded V14 | 8B that has remained unrepeated for about 9 years.

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Hard ascents in Switzerland by Amma and Khazanov

After competing in Adidas Rockstars, Japanese star Sachi Amma and Israeli young gun Alex Khazanov, headed to Switzerland, where they have made some impressive ascents, including three 1-day ascents of V14’s and the repetition of Ill Trill 8B+/C.

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Adidas Rockstars 2015 | Finals highlights video

Here’s our full summary of the Adidas Rockstars 2015 finals. Showing every single problem including the superfinals.

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Sean McColl and Megan Mascarenas win Adidas Rockstars 2015

Sean McColl and Megan Mascarenas have wont he fifth edition of Adidas Rockstars. This is the third victory for McColl and the first one for the American.

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