Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber, 2017 Austrian Champions


Bouldering superstars Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber have won, yet again, the Austrian Bouldering Nationals, hosted this past weekend in Waidhofen, Lower Austria.

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The Rock Ljubljana Live!


If you need your fix of World Cup style bouldering don’t miss Triglav The Rock, an open event that will also have some of the best boulderers on the planet as invited stars. The final takes place this evening in Ljubljana and will be streamed live.

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melloblocco_2017 (1)

Granite and plastic in Melloblocco 2017

The biggest outdoor bouldering meeting/competition/party on the planet, Melloblocco, took place last weekend in Val Masino, Northern Italy. More than 2000 climbers took part in this edition, which also included the Italian Bouldering Championship.

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Results | Hachioji Bouldering World Cup 2017

Janja Garnbret and Alexey Rubtsov have won the 2017 Hachioji Bouldering World Cup. The podium was completed by Akiyo Noguchi, Tomoa Narasaki, Miho Nonaka and Keita Watabe.

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Semifinals | Hachioji Bouldering World Cup 2017

Great problems in one of the best semifinals of the season. Janja Garnbret, Keita Watabe, and Akiyo Noguchi crushed and have 4 tops. The Japanese team has 5 finalists in total.

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Qualifiers | Hachioji Bouldering World Cup 2017

The good route setting continues in Hachioji. Today climbers faced powerful and dynamic lines that saw a lot of tops. The Japanese team keeps crushing (they have 3 climbers in 1st position). There were no big surprises on the female round. On the male side, as usual, there was carnage.

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The qualifiers in Hachioji will be streamed live!

Awesome news, like it happened last year in Kazo, the organizers of the World Cup in Hachioji have decided to offer a live stream of the qualifying round.

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Preview | Hachioji Bouldering World Cup 2017

The Asian Tour of the IFSC Bouldering World Cup comes to an end in Japan. Hachioji will host the 4th event of the season, in which the Japanese team is the absolute favorite after their impressive results in China.

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Nanjing final, great setting and climbing clouded by technical incidents

The final in Nanjing was marked by really good setting, perhaps the best of the season so far, spectacular climbing, and technical incidents. In the end, Team Japan claimed 3 medals (including Keita Watabe‘s first gold) and Shauna Coxsey climbed back to the top of the podium.

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Results | Nanjing Bouldering World Cup 2017

Keita Watabe and Shauna Coxsey have won the Nanjing Bouldering World Cup. Tomoa Narasaki, Janja Garnbret, Jernej Kruder and Miho Nonaka completed the podium.

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