Nalle Hukkataival sends the Lappnor project, “Burden of Dreams”, world’s first V17


Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival has climbed his longest and hardest boulder to date, the infamous Lappnor Project, calling it Burden of Dreams and grading it V17 | 9A, which would make it the hardest problem ever climbed.

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Hojer and Kruder team up to repeat Es Pontas


German powerhouse Jan Hojer and Slovenian star Jernej Kruder are in Mallorca, Spain, working on the most famous deep water soloing (AKA psicobloc) line ever: Chris Sharma’s Es Pontas. Opened by Sharma in 2006, the route remains unrepeated and it is considered one of the hardest on the planet.

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Adidas Rockstars in perspective

Let’s take a look back at the last big bouldering competition of the year. Adidas Rockstars didn’t disappoint, all of us who took part in it (climbers, organizers, media, setters…) walked off pretty happy with how the event went.

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Adam Ondra: “My opinion on the Olympics is still very critical”

Here’s an interview with Adam Ondra, recorded right after the bouldering final in Paris 2016. He talks about the competition but also about the Olympic Climbing format, of which he seems to be quite critical, and about his plans to climb El Capitan this fall.

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The Wheel of Chaos, second V14 by Isabelle Faus

American boulderer Isabelle Faus has repeated Daniel Wood’s The Wheel of Chaos. This is Faus’ second ascent of a problem graded V14 | 8B+, after her repetition of Amandla in Rocklands. With this ascent, Faus confirms her position at the forefront of female bouldering, along with Alex Puccio and Ashima Shiraishi.

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Alex Puccio back on top at the Portland Boulder Rally

Alex Puccio keeps surprising everybody and has won the 2016 edition of the Porland Boulder Rally, just 4 months after having neck surgery to fix an herniated disc that was affecting her spinal cord.

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Finals video! Adidas Rockstars 2016

Here it is! This monster took a while to edit but it is finally ready for public consumption. The route setters did a great job and prepared very dynamic problems, it was hard to decide which moves to include and which to left out, but hopefully the video will make them justice.

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Adidas Rockstars 2016 | Semifinals

It’s mantle time in Stuttgart! 5 of the 8 problems had to be topped out! Lots of pressing, lots of falls and lots of frustration. The women had the worst part, their problems were very hard and some of them made finals with just one top!

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Adidas Rockstars 2016 | Qualifiers

The first round of Adidas Rockstars has been full of dynamic and fun problems. The atmosphere is that of a big party and everyone seem to be having a good time, but some of the main “rockstars” failed to make semis.

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Adidas Rockstars 2016 | Preview

Did you think that we were done with the world-class bouldering? Not yet. The IFSC bouldering season may have ended with the World Championships in Paris but we still have one more super-comp in store: Adidas Rockstars.

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