Akiyo Noguchi and Kokoro Fujii 2016 Japan Champions


Akiyo Noguchi and Kokoro Fujii took the title in The Japanese Bouldering Championships that took place last weekend. The podium was completed by Miho Nonaka, Rei Sugimoto, Tomoko Kajima and Makoto Yamauchi.

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The USA Nationals Scoring System Explained


The scoring system that was introduced last year during the American Bouldering Series Nationals can be quite hard to understand. In this video I do my best to explain how it works and why, in my opinion, it is not a good system. It is a long video, brace yourselves.

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USA Nationals and Bloco Masters this Saturday

The 2016 season kicks off this Saturday with two big comps: The USA Nationals and Bloco Masters. Both will have well-known stars competing and both will be livestreamed online. The million dollar question is: will Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods become USA Champions for the 10th time?

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Gorazd Hren | Janja’s Coach

Gorazd Hren is the Slovenian Youth Climbing Team coach and he has been working with Janja Garnbret for more than 7 years. In this interview he talks about Janja’s training, what makes her a successful climber and her plans for the future.

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Highlights reel from La Sportiva Legends Only 2015

We’ve finally published the second part of our Legends Only coverage. If in the previous video we saw how the climbers prepared the problems, now we’ll see how they did in the real comp.

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Ashima sends a V14 in 30 minutes!

With just 14 years of age, Ashima Shiraishi keeps pushing the limits of bouldering. She just sent Dai Koyamada’s Phenomena V14 | 8B+ in Hinokage, Japan. Apparently, she surprised everyone (herself included) by topping the problem within 30 minutes.

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Video: Sean McColl crushing in Font

Here’s Cold House Media’s latest relase, a highlights reel of Sean McColl’s visit to Fontainebleau last April. In the video McColl flashes Elephunk (8B | V13), and sends Trap House (8B+ | V14), Gecko Assis (8B+ | V14) and Atresie Assis (8A+ | V11). Enjoy.

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The Working Session: La Sportiva Legends Only 2015

Here you have the first part of our video summary of La Sportiva Legends Only 2015. Take a detailed look at what took place during the working session and watch Anna Stöhr, Janja Garnbret, Melissa Le Nevé, Juliane Wurm and Shauna Coxsey working the problems and figuring out the sequences.

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Video-gems: Giovanni Traversi vs. Ambrosia

Five Ten has released an hypnotic video about Giovanni Traversi’s struggle against his own fears while working on Kevin Jorgeson’s Ambrosia, one of the tallest and hardest high-balls out there.

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The Big Island 8C | V15 by Ned Feehally

Britsh climber Ned Feehally has finished his trip to Fontainebleau with a repetition of Vincent Pochon’s The Big Island, one of the most famous (and hardest) compression problems in the World.

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