2013 Chongqing Bouldering World Cup

The first 2013 IFSC Bouldering World Cup is taking place in Chongqing, China. Today we had the qualification round for both male and female athletes.

Nothing really surprising so far. As we said in the preview not that many athletes are participating in this World Cup so the usual suspects, the well-known competition boulderers, had their spot in semifinals pretty much guaranteed.

Chongqing IFSC Bouldering World Cup Opening Ceremony

Chongqing Opening Ceremony. (c) Arkadiusz Kamiński. IFSC Facebook Page.

In the men’s category the only thing that caught my attention was seeing Jonas Baumann in 18th place with just one top. Baumann made podium in Vail 2011 and he’s a safe bet for being in the top 20. He’s a very solid competitor but he seems to have struggled a bit today. On the bright side, if there’s a World Cup where you can make mistakes is this one, the rest won’t be so forgiving…

For the women the route setters had a party prepared. Everyone topped at least one problem. 11 climbers flashed every single problem. Too easy? Probably, but with just 22 participants (out of 24 inscriptions) that wasn’t a problem.

I suspect that the setters, knowing that dividing the field wasn’t an issue, wanted to make sure that everyone had their moment of glory and got at least one top. In any other world cup that would have been an invitation to a big tie an too many climbers moving to the next round. They better make sure the problems in the semi-finals are not that easy, or we may have an overpopulated final round (and maybe even an overpopulated podium :P).

Remember the time table for tomorrow (Saturday 23):

Semifinals at 9:15 (GMT+8)

Finals at 17:20 (GMT +8)

Livestream at ifsc-climbing.org

Full Results (Males)

Full Results (Females)

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