2013 Millau Bouldering World Cup – Aftermath

Since Millau a ton of videos, pictures and blogposts about the event have appeared on the intertubes. Let’s go over some of it.


“Some issues of this comp were not even up to the standards of small regional events in most countries!”
Udo Neumann, German Bouldering Coach

Apparently Udo Neumann was pleased with Millau’s climbing aspect (route setting, climbing performances…) but not so much with the organization.

Organizational issues aside, he has put up his usual report. We’ve got used to have it after every IFSC Bouldering event but we should never take it for granted and we should thank Neumann and his team for creating something so valuable and offering it for free to everyone. It must take a lot of time and effort to put those videos together, so thank you Mr. Neumann and company!

The IFSC offers a highlights video as well as the entire livestream round by round (look for it on the official channel).

Verhoeven bouldering in Millau

Jorg Verhoeven

And, of course, don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel, where we have uploaded several clips (more will come!).


“Having the ability to do 1-5-9 won’t get you to the top of a world cup boulder nor will being the most confident person out there”
Shauna Coxsey

Many of the participants have shared their experiences throughout the comp on their blogs.

Make sure you don’t miss:

Sanchez bouldering in Millau

Nacho Sánchez

“There were too many jumps. Every boulder had some sort of jump in it”
Sean McColl

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Official IFSC pictures aside, I would recommend this 3 galleries:

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