2013 Millau Bouldering World Cup – Qualifiers

In Millau so far we’ve had the qualifying round with (to my taste) really good problems, slightly less technical than usual and a little more powerful (specially for the guys).

Jain Kim bouldering in Millau

Jain Kim during the qualification round

(I’m in Millau with close-to-none access to the internet. This will be a quick note, stay tuned for a way lengthier post.)

Sharafutdinov looks inhumanly strong, being the only one capable of sending every single problem. Behind him, with 4 tops, Hori, Sugimoto and Lachat. Then, with 3, most of the usual suspects (Fischhuber, Gelmanov, McColl, Schubert…) . Hojer, Feehally and Barrans didn’t have their best day and won’t be climbing tomorrow.

For the girls two of them proved to be ahead of the rest. You guessed it: Stöhr and Noguchi, both topped all the problems. Most of the contenders for the podium topped 4 (Puccio, Markovic, Wurm, Coxsey, Le Neve, Leslie-Wujastyk…) but you could make semis with just 2.

The bad (terrible!) news is that Jain Kim got injured on her knee while trying the fourth problem and it looks like she will not compete tomorrow (get well soon Jain!).

Here’s low-res clip of Alex Puccio sending WQ4 (better videos to come!):

Remember that tomorrow (Sat 6):

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