2013 Millau Bouldering World Cup – Semifinals

The semifinal round in Millau brought really hard problems, a few frustrated climbers and some fresh faces in the finals. The finalists are:

Men: Sharafutdinov, Verhoeven, Gelmanov, Glairon Mondet, Fischhuber and Ennemoser.
Women: Puccio, Coxsey, Noguchi, Wurm, Saurwein and Stöhr.

Route setter Marc Daviet is giving a hard time to our beloved climbers: many small edges, many powerfull moves with tons of body tension.

Jabee Kim bouldering in Millau

Jabee Kim on semifinals #3

In the semis no one was capable of sending the four problems and just 2 girls and 2 guys could send 3 of them. Everyone struggled at some point and towards the end of their session many strong climbers had a frustrated look on their face, they simply didn’t know if they would make finals. Anna Stöhr, for instance, barely made it with just one top.

But don’t be confused, the problems may be hard, but they are hard for everyone, so for the most part the difficulty just meant that more people were falling, cursing and checking their fingers after each attempt.

I’m delighted to see that Jorg Verhoeven, Katharina Saurwein and Lukas Ennemoser are in finals. Those three are really solid competitors who often end up really close to the top 6 but not quite there.

On the other hand, some of the climbers that crushed during the qualifiers are out: Lachat, Sugimoto, Hori, Oda, Le Neve…


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