2013 Munich Bouldering World Cup – Preview

The 2013 Bouldering WC ends this next weekend in Munich. The overall title has already been claimed by Sharafutdinov and Stöhr but the rest is up for grabs. Munich promises good climbing, good weather, a nice setting and a party atmosphere. Psyched? You should be!

Holidays are over! Those lazy comp climbers have had it easy for the last couple of months. Some had fun in Colorado, some in Rocklands, others in the Alps… some even ventured into lead climbing. Now it’s time to get back to business.

One last World Cup remains and, for those Euros out there, the European Championship lurks nearby. Sharafutdinov and Stöhr may be overall champions already but in Munich there are other 10 medals to be claimed.

On the female side of the Overall Ranking, Noguchi has almost secured the silver with Coxsey and Puccio close together almost a hundred points behind.

There are many more contestants on the male side: Shubert, Glairon Mondet, Verhoeven, Fischhuber, Gelmanov and McColl are less than 50 points apart. Too many beasts in such a tight space!

156 climbers will take part on this last World Cup. With some exceptions, everyone we’ve been talking about since Chongqing will be in Munich.

Some names missing are:

  • James Kassay, who, along with Thomas Farrell, is back home on the far side of the planet, leaving Chris Webb-Parsons as the only Aussie competing.
  • French Champion Thomas “Tito” Caleyron, who is injured and won’t be climbing in Munich, nor in Eindhoven :(
  • From Korea, Jain Kim and her brother Jabee and from Japan, Momoka Oda. I’m guessing those 3 are focusing on lead.
  • Ned Feehally and Mina Leslie-Wujastyk (I know she’s having fun in Rocklands, no idea what happened to Feehally)
  • Rebekka Stotz, although she’s signed up for Eindhoven.
Kilian Fischhuber climbing in Munich 2011

Grey wall and orange volumes, it must be summer.

And some big names joining the party:

  • Vasya Vorotnikov, Meagan Martin and Kassia Pietras will represent the USA along with pinch-crusher Alex Puccio.
  • Sachi Amma, current Lead World Cup champion, joining the powerful Japanese team.
  • Dinara Fakhritdinova, fresh off her victory on the European Lead Championship.

The German team, which in late May broke the bank right on the other side of the border, will present 26 athletes. The usual fantastic 4 (Wurm, Retschy, Baumann and Hojer), some seasoned competitors like Tauporn, Conrad, Winter, Würth or Danker and some rough diamonds whose names still don’t ring bell for me (Alex Megos used to be one of those, now he rings so many bells is deafening).

You can check the entire starting list here.

Route setters

  • Chief Routesetter: Manuel Hassler (SUI)
  • Tomasz Oleksy (POL)
  • Maximilian Klaus (GER)
  • Tobias Reichert (GER)

Munich is in the UTC+2 time zone.

Saturday 24

10:00 – Qualification for men

16:30 – Qualification for women

Sunday 25

11:30 – Semi finals

18:30 – Finals

For the details (isolation, award ceremony…) go to the IFSC article on the Munich Bouldering World Cup.

Here’s the official trailer of the comp:

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