2013 Toronto Bouldering World Cup – Semifinals

More heat and more humidity. More people cheering loudly and more hard, powerful problems. The semifinals in Toronto left us with a flashfest for the women and a perfectly divided field for the men. Sean McColl continues his good run and goes to finals in 4th place.

McColl on MSF4

Sean McColl on MSF4

Women’s semifinals were a cruel flashfest. 9 girls solved every single problem, 4 of them flashing them all. Juliane Wurm, Mélissa Le Neve and Vera Zijlstra are out of finals having topped all the problems.

Impressive display of endurance by Zijlstra who used 14 tries to top all the problems, ending up in 9th place, her best result ever.

Noguchi, Coxsey, Puccio and Stöhr flashed everything in sight. Oda and Sauerwein, with 4 tops as well, complete the top 6.

If women’s problems were too easy, men’s boulders were almost perfect. All of them saw tops but none was too easy. It was really hard to predict who would send what, even with the strongest guys.

McColl bouldering in Toronto

Sean McColl sending the last problem in the semifinal

3 tops were needed to make finals. Schubert and Verhoeven were the only ones that solved all the problems. After them, Gelmanov (back in finals after 3 misses in a row), McColl (who didn’t flashed all the problems, for a change ;) , Fischhuber and Sugimoto. Glairon Mondet, Hojer and Huerta, with two tops, are just out of finals.

Sean McColl celebrating after making finals

Sean McColl celebrates having made finals

For Schubert, Verhoeven and McColl this is the third bouldering final of the year (that means they’ve been in half of the finals of the year). It is impressive to see how this guys can perform at world class level both in bouldering and lead (bear in mind that a week ago McColl was winning the French Lead Nationals).

Full results (men)
Full results (women)

Finals at 5pm (UTC-4). Live at ifsc-climbing.org

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