2014 Bouldering World Championships – Preview

This Thursday the most important bouldering competition of the year kicks off in Munich. The spectacular Olympic Stadium will host the IFSC Bouldering World Championships.

2014 Munich Bouldering World Championships banner

UPDATE: Anna Stöhr will NOT compete due to a finger injury! What a pity! We wish her a speedy recovery!

The excitement couldn’t be higher, this year the season has been thrilling and hard to predict and this is no exception. Too many favorites for just 6 medals.

On women’s side the Noguchi-Coxsey-Stöhr trio could be easily disrupted by Wurm, Nonaka, Puccio, Thevenet, Gibert… and what about the current World Champion Melanie Sandoz? I bet she has something to say.

The list of possible male champions is even longer. Let’s just name some of the guys who have won at least one gold medal in a World Cup: Hojer, Sharafutdinov, Gelmanov, Glairon Mondet, Fishhuber, McColl, Ondra, Woods, Sugimoto, Schubert (he’s back!), Hori…

And a quick scan through the starting list reveals even more stars: Iakovleva, Kassay, Johnson, Kruder, Payne,  Moroni, Markovic, Bonder, Saurwein…

Semifinals and finals (Saturday) will be streamed live at ifsc-climbing.org


The turnout in Munich will be huge, 240 are registered making this the biggest international bouldering competition on the planet. If you’ve been following the Bouldering World Cup you can think of this as the final gathering, everyone will be there.

More than 40 countries are sending climbers so a lot of fresh faces will show up. We’ll see climbers from Kazakhstan, India, Peru, South Africa, Serbia, Hong Kong, Belarus, Colombia…

An absence that I’ve noticed is that of Megan Mascarenas, who made finals in Vail, but won’t be part of the USA team.

Check out the entire starting list here.

Route setters

Manuel Hassler will be the chief route setter. He will be assited by Chris Danielson and Jacky Godoffe.

Make sure you check out our interview with Chris Danielson about route setting!

Provisisonal program

Munich is in the UTC+2 time zone.

Thursday 21st – Male Qualifiers – 10:00

Friday 22nd – Female Qualifiers – 14:00

Saturday 23rd

Here’s another teaser!

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