2014 Bouldering World Championships – Women’s Qualifiers

A warm, sunny day and a big crowd awaited the 80 women that took part in the qualifying round. Great Britain’s Michaela Tracy offered an impressive performance and goes to semis in first place, tied with Alex Puccio, who also looked in top shape.

Women faced slightly easier problems than men did yesterday but still a lot of them went home without a single top. 2 tops and 5 bonuses put you in semis in Group B while women in Group A needed 3 tops and 4 bonuses in 8 attempts.

But Michaela Tracy couldn’t care less about it, she crushed through the round and offered what is undoubtedly her best performance to date in an international competition. She’s in first place in a group that included, among others, her team mate Shauna Coxsey, German star Juliane Wurm and World Champion Melanie Sandoz.

All the French women (5) made it through. Slovenia did quite well too, Kruder and Markovic will be climbing tomorrow. Alex Puccio is the only climber made in USA left in sight, but she looked unstoppable today. She was the only one with 5 tops in her group (A).

On the other hand Korea has had a rough Championships: Sol Sa is out (as is Jongwon Chon). Others that didn’t make it through are Olga Iakovleva, Rebekka Stotz, Dinara Fakhritdinova, Olga Shalaguina and Vera Zijlstra.

Full results.

Semifinals tomorrow (23.8.14) at 11:00 (UTC+2). Live at ifsc-climbing.org

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