2014 Laval Bouldering World Cup – Results

Akiyo Noguchi has won in Laval and has secured the overall title ahead of Shauna Coxsey and Anna Stöhr. On male’s side Rustam Gelmanov has got the gold medal.


Laval Podium:

  1. Rustam Gelmanov – Akiyo Noguchi
  2. Guillaume Glairon Mondet – Miho Nonaka
  3. Jeremy Bonder – Juliane Wurm

2014 Bouldering World Cup Podium:

  1. Jan Hojer – Akiyo Noguchi
  2. Dmitry Sharafutdinov – Shauna Coxsey
  3. Guillaume Glairon Mondet – Anna Stöhr

Laval Full results (men)
Laval Full results (women)

2014 Bouldering World Cup Ranking (men)
2014 Bouldering World Cup Ranking (women)

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