2015 Chongqing Bouldering World Cup – Results

Sean McColl and Akiyo Noguchi have won the 2015 Chongqing Bouldering World Cup. The podium was completed by Jongwon Chon, Miho Nonaka, Tsukuru Hori and Shauna Coxsey.


Full results: Men & Women


  1. Nick Youds says:

    Thank you so much for your coverage. It seems to me that after trying to watch the world cups this year, I and many others have come to the conclusion that the IFSC and the sport that they represent, have a serious problem on there hands. As someone who loves climbing and is excited by the growth of interest and the enthusiasm of new climbers, I was embarrassed by the nearly unwatchable trainwreck that was the finals – and semifinals – in Chongqing. I realize that it may be hard for you to be critical of an organization that you depend on for access, but the IFSC doesn’t seem to be responding to any of the very thoughtful comments left by fans on their facebook page. Fans are just trying to understand and are looking for some information and an explanation.

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