2015 Haiyang Bouldering World Cup – Preview

Suddenly we have only 2 World Cups left! Haiyang will be the last one before the summer hiatus. Enjoy this event because you will not get another one until August.


Haiyang is in the CST time zone (UTC+8)

Friday 26th

09:45 – Male Qualifiers
14:30 – Female Qualifiers

Saturday 27th

09:30 – Semifinals (live at ifsc-climbing.org)
17:00 – Finals (live at ifsc-climbing.org)

Clear for the ladies, up in the air for the gentlemen
At this point the overall title for the women looks absolutely clear. Akiyo Noguchi has such an advantage and looks so strong that only a catastrophe would take the title away from her.

And, just like it happened in Chongqing, with such a small field of competitors and with some of the strongest not competing (Wurm, Puccio, Stöhr), who’s going to prevent Akiyo from making finals? Or even from making podium?

Her teammate Miho Nonaka and British star Shauna Coxsey are the only ones who seem capable of following Akiyo’s rhythm.


The male overall looks much more interesting. Chongqing made the top 4 really tight, with Coleman barely ahead of Ondra and McColl and Hojer really close. Since McColl will not compete in Haiyang we can discard him for the overall.

Trying to predict what may happen this weekend is completely futile. There’s not a male climber who has’t missed a final, but every male in the top 8 has been in at least one of the finals.

The starting list is almost an exact copy of Chongqing’s.

The only differences I’ve noticed are the inclusion of Chloé Caulier, from Belgium, and the absence of Sean McColl.

McColl is now in Las Vegas for the Ninja Warrior competition, and from there he will focus on Lead. He leaves the bouldering season on the highest possible note after his gold in Chongqing.

You can check the starting list here.

Route setters
Laurent Laporte, from France, will be chief route setter. He will be assisted by Tomasz Oleksy and Kim Dong Hyun.

More info

PS: As it happened in Chongqing, I can’t guarantee proper coverage because chances are the working conditions will be… challenging.


  1. jerome says:

    I hope you will start to make video resumes for semifinals and finals too.. and who knows, maybe for lead :)
    Your video are the very best

    • I’m afraid I’m not allowed to record video during semis and finals. The IFSC has its own TV rights agreements. As for the lead… I’m afraid my budget only covers bouldering comps ;)

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