2015 Haiyang Bouldering World Cup – Qualifiers

The qualifying round in Haiyang was full of good problems. Perhaps a bit too dificult for the women, but this let Akiyo Noguchi show how far ahead of the pack she is.


On the male side Jongwon Chon, Alban Levier and Adam Ondra did really well, topping all the problems in just 5 attempts.

The female round was really hard, two tops were a direct ticket to the semis.

Akiyo Noguchi was the only one capable of solving all the problems. The next 3 athletes (Nonaka, Coxsey and Sa) only got 3 tops.

Full results: Men & Women

There will be no livestream today. The IFSC has decided that, since they can’t guarantee the quality, they rather upload the video tomorrow.

PS: As expected, the internet connection here is very unreliable. I’ll do my best to upload content but I can’t promise anything.

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