2015 Haiyang Bouldering World Cup – Results

Petra Klingler and Jongwon Chon have won the 2015 Haiyang Bouldering World Cup. The podium was completed by Akiyo Noguchi, Rustam Gelmanov, Shauna Coxsey and Alban Levier.

Update: Here’s the stream from the finals!

This is the first gold medal for Klingler and Chon, and the first podium for Klingler in a Bouldering World Cup.

By taking the silver medal Akiyo Noguchi has secured the Overall title. She has 340 points, 107 ahead of Miho Nonaka, who’s in second place. So even if Nonaka wins in Munich and Noguchi doesn’t get any points, Noguchi will get the Overall title.


The male overall could still be won, tecnically, by 9 climbers. But only 5 have real chances: Chon, Ondra, Hojer, Coleman and Levier. Only 26 points separate Levier from Chon.

Full results: Men & Women

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