2015 Munich Bouldering World Cup – Qualifiers

Hard problems in the qualifying rounds in Munich. No jaw-dropping surprises. But a few big names didn’t make semis while some dark horses offered impressive performances.

A few quick notes:

  • All the problems were solved but not a single climber got 5 tops (not even Akiyo Noguchi!).
  • Three of the male problems (A3, B3 and A5) saw a total of just 5 tops (1, 2 and 2).
  • Alban Levier is out of semis and therefore out of the race for the overall title.
  • Chon, Ondra, Hojer and Coleman are still in the race and climbed really well.
  • Some other big names that are out: Gabri Moroni, Jernej Kruder, Kokoro Fujii, Jeremy Bonder, Melissa Le Neve, Melanie Sandoz, Monika Retschy
  • Impressive performance by Valeri Kremer, from Israel, who goes to semis in third place (her best result up to this date was 21st in Laval 2014).
  • Update: Very good results as well for Eric Lopez Mateos, from Spain, who’s second of his group. (best results up to Munich was 19th in the European Championships of 2010).

Full results: men & women

Semifinals tomorrow at 11:30 (UTC+2). Live at ifsc-climbing.org


  1. Thanks for posting these. Cool to see what the qualifying problems were like.

    • Thanks steve! I really think that the qualifying round is a very interesting one. A lot happens, the problems are usually very good and the competition is fierce (in Munich they had to go from 120+ climbers to just 20!).

  2. Kai Ewert says:

    With the IFSC no longer showing the qualifiers, you are filling a big gap for those of us who love to see high level problems and competitors. And you are doing it much better than the IFSC broadcast ever did. It may be nice to watch your favorite competitor doing all the problems, but your focus on showing all the problems in full size is really nice. Thanks for all the hard work that clearly goes into the beautiful videos!!

    • Thank Kai! Your comment made my day ;)

      When I watch climbing videos myself I like to see the entire climb, to really understand it. Watching short cuts and details is good too, but without context you don’t really appreciate what the climber is doing or why he’s doing it.

      Also, showing the entire problem in one cut is easier to do than a more elaborate editing, which would take much longer.

      And about the climbers… I try to mix it up. I show the big stars but, when possible, I show less known climbers. One thing you learn when you follow the world cup is that there are tons of unknown climbers who are incredibly talented and strong.

      Have a great day!

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