2015 Munich Bouldering World Cup – Semifinals

Very difficult semifinal for the men, 1 top and 3 bonuses was the cut. Perfect difficulty for the women, for whom 3 tops in 6 attempts was necessary to make finals. Ondra, Coleman and Nonaka are out. We have 3 first-time finalists.

Some thoughts:

  • Despite the extremely low number of tops, all the men’s problems were solved (the women’s as well).
  • First time in finals for Sergii Topishko (26), Stasa Gejo (just 17!) and Katja Kadic (20)
  • Topishko was the only one to solve the second problem, which was a slab starting with a dyno.
  • Guillaume Glairon Mondet topped the first problem just as the buzzer sounded. He didn’t get the top as it was established that he couldn’t display control of the top within the time limit. With that top we would have made finals.
  • Since Miho Nonaka didn’t make semis Shauna Coxsey has secured the overall silver medal.
  • Now only Chon and Hojer can win the male overall.

Full results: men & women

Finals at 18:30 (UTC+2). Live at ifsc-climbing.org

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