2016 Bouldering World Championships | Female Results

Petra Klingler is the new Bouldering World Champion. The Swiss powerhouse secured the title in a tight, exciting and emotional final. Miho Nonaka and Akiyo Noguchi completed the podium.

The final couldn’t have been tighter. 5 climbers had options going into the last problem. Klingler offered one of her best performances ever.

Japan keeps piling the medals, Noguchi and Nonaka were really close to winning the gold. They had the best tries in the second problem, which nobody climbed.

You can check the full results here.


  1. A great final and nice to see dark horse, Petra Klingler win. Well deserved, she climbed really well especially on that final route, amid some very strong competition.

    • It was a great final indeed. And I think everyone is really happy for Petra. She’s a really nice human being and she totally deserved the title, she was the best in the final and she climbed probably her best ever. It was a really emotional moment.

  2. Excellent problems that really tested the athletes. They seemed to enjoy them too!

    • Everyone is really happy with the route setting. I spoke with Akiyo and Petra and both said that the problems were great. Akiyo said it was the best final of the season.

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