2016 Bouldering World Championships | Male Qualifiers

Good qualifying round for the men in Paris. Very doable problems, of styles ranging from pure power to technical slabs. Most of them full of risky moves. Great results for the Japanese and French teams.

The qualifying round for bouldering took place in a room separed from the main competition area. It a had a wall much wider than the main one, which stands right in the middle of the main hall and will be used for semis and finals. Not the best atmosphere, the room was a bit too small for such an event, but it is forgivable given that the qualifiers take place in the morning of a weekday… so no big crowds were expected.

The round was full of risky moves that ensured the division of the field. Just one climber, Alban Levier, managed to flash all 5 problems. Most needed several tries per top (Alexey Rubtsov got 5 tops in 20 attempts!).

Levier and Narasaki lead the board, followed by Chon and Fujii. Several stars are out: Jan Hojer, Dmitry Sharafutdinov, Michael Piccolruaz, Martin Stranik, Rolands Rugens…

Jernej Kruder and Sean McColl spent a good chunk of the round sitting in a dicey 19th position, but they managed to make semis.

The Japanese team has placed 5 climbers in semis, great results once again. Narasaki and Fujii keep looking strong.

The French did very well too. Levier is tied with Narasaki in 1st place and he goes to semis in good company (Bonder, Mawem and Cornu made top 20 with solid performances).

Check the complete results here.

Next: Female Qualifiers, today at 10am.


  1. Landman is in semis. Come on Ty!

  2. Thanks for putting this out Seems like there’s a bit of an information blackout when it comes to the qualifiers.

    Great effort by Nathan Philips too qualifying for the semis in ninth place.

    • Yeah, pity that they don’t stream the qualis anymore. There’s a lot of good climbing going on and, for most climbers, that’s the only round they climb.

      Nathan really well in the qualifiers. I hope to see him in finals one day.

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