2016 Innsbruck Bouldering World Cup | Results

Shauna Coxsey and Jongwon Chon have won the Innbruck Bouldering World Cup. Janja Garnbret, Tomoa Narasaki, Miho Nonaka and Sean McColl completed the podium.

With this fourth gold Coxsey has almost secured the overall title. Shes’s more than 100 points ahead of Nonaka, who is in second place. Narasaki leads the male overall, which is still wide open.

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Full results: men & women
Overall ranking: men & women


  1. The final for the women’s was really exciting. The additions of Janja and Megan really upped things and it was interesting that Shauna (and Anna) only just made it through. Great win by Shauna and great second place by Janja in only her second boulder WC event. Megan climbed really well too and could easily have placed higher with a little more luck.

    Miho could still win overall but only if she won the next two events and Shauna doesn’t get above sixth – an unlikely but a not impossible scenario.

    • It’s almos impossible for Shauna not to win the overall as you say. She’s unstoppable this season. She struggled a bit in India and barely made finals in Innsbruck but during finals she showed once again that this season she’s the best.

      Always good to have Garnbret and Mascarenas in the final, they are great climbers and many times they used very creative solutions.

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