2016 Kazo Bouldering World Cup | Results

Spectacular final in Kazo. Shauna Coxsey and Rustam Gelmanov took the gold and the podium was completed by Melissa Le Neve, Michael Piccolruaz, Miho Nonaka and Kokoro Fujii.

Shauna Coxsey did it again. She dominated the final completely, winning the gold before even trying the last problem. Good performance once more by Melissa Le Neve.

The male podium was decided in a spectacular last problem in which we saw climbers using all sorts of beta to navigate the volumes right before the top.

In the end Rustam Gelmanov was the only one capable of topping it and secured the gold, his first since Laval 2014.

Piccolruaz, Fujii and Bonder had very clear options to the gold going into that last problem.

Full results: men & women.


  1. Great to see Rustam back on top. Well deserved after an impressive attempt on P2 and that flash of P4. And good to see Dmitrii back in the finals too.

    Shauna looks completely dominant at the moment, a surefire favourite for the next one. Shame that Mascarenas, Puchio and Garnbret weren’t there to spice it up a little. It looks like a bit of a one horse race at the moment.

    • Rustam climbed very well, I think everyone is happy for him, we love the guy. Great peformance by Piccolruaz too.

      Shauna is in her own league right now, but I expect Noguchi to get her act together now that all the pressure related to Kazo and performing at home is gone.

  2. .. and Stranik should be exorcised against misfortune

    • I wouldn’t call it misfortune in this case. Don’t get me wrong, I was really disappointed and I wanted to see him climb in the semis but failing to get into isolation in time is simply a mistake a guy as experienced as Stranik shouldn’t make.

      • yes but adding the bonus affair last week and the fact that he was 4 minute late this weekend, i’m sorry for that guy!
        Anyway, BEST STREAMING EVER!

        • Yep, two very painful situations in a row. And the guy seems to be in very good shape. I hope he can keep climbing well in the next events.

  3. no video resume this time?

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