2016 Meiringen Bouldering World Cup – Finals

Alexey Rubtsov and Shauna Coxsey have won the 2016 Meiringen Bouldering World Cup. Martin Stranik, Melissa Le Neve, Jorg Verhoeven and Megan Mascarenas completed the podium.

Full results: men & women.

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  1. I’m wondering if something is changing in routesetters mind. In my opinion the setting of the last two world cups (Monaco 2015, Meiringen 2016) is getting close to rock climbing, again. I saw less things like multiple jumps and gymnastic tricks in the last events, and personally i’m glad of this. In fact, crimp masters and more oriented rock climbers are doing well in these events (Rubtsov, Stranik, Gelmanov in the qualifications). These results were not a big surprise for me, with these kind of routesetting. I would have seen someone like Webb on that problems, maybe he would have performed well.

    • I think these changes in setting style are trends than come and go. In my opinion the peak of “circus” or modern setting was in 2014, when, to my taste, it was a bit too much. But last year we saw a really good mix of “normal” climbing and modern moves. In Meiringen there were very few dynos for instance. Let’s see what the setters have in store in Kazo. Thanks for commenting!

      • Thanks to you for your deep insights. Anyway, if you was there, could you explain why bonus hold for Strank was not accounted? It’s a shame, in my opinion.. he used it.. look at 1:36:17 of the final replay. The hold was not accounted:

        • Hi Paulo, Stranik didn’t get the bonus because he simply touched it, he didn’t use it. Years ago simply touching the bonus was enough, but now you have to use it in some way. How “using it” is defined depends a bit on the judge, can simlpy to switch to your body weight, but simply touching it and coming back to the same position doesn’t count. That same criteria was applied to Rubtsov, he touched it in his second attempt (1:51:59) but it didn’t count. Then he used it in his fourth attempt (1:53:23) and it counted. Is it clear now?

          • Thanks, it is clear, even if on his second attempt (the one in which he almost reached the top) martin used it, but for the foot. Ok, maybe even with the foot it’s not valid, but in my opinion this is a little unfair.
            Anyway, keep doing the good job, onbouldering! I like your videos!

          • The feet never count, it is always used with the hands. I wouldn’t call it unfair because it’s the same for everyone. Thanks for the comments, I love talking about these topics (in case you haven’t noticed ;).

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