2016 Meiringen Bouldering World Cup – Qualifiers

Two World Champions are out! Anna Stöhr and Dmitry Sharafutdinov didn’t make semis. That aside, not too many surprises in Meiringen. And we have 3 4 teenagers in the top 10.

On the male side 3 tops were the ticket to semis (or 2 very quick tops), most of the favorites made it through even though some strong climbers (Rugens, Mecherzynski, Ennemoser, Baratzadeh, Piccolruaz…) won’t be climbing tomorrow.

Dmitry Sharafutdinov didn`t offer a good performance and sits in 33rd place. This season he’s probably planning to peak for the World Championships in September, but it still is surprising to see him that low in the scoreboard.

Un vídeo publicado por OnBouldering (@onbouldering) el

The female side is all about the elimination of Anna Stöhr. She didn’t have a good day but managed to hang on until the very last moment, when Clementine Kaiser kicked her down to the 21st place. I don’t know when was the last time she didn’t make semis but I’m sure it was a good while ago.

Quick thoughts:

  • Stöhr aside, other World Cup finalists who didn’t make semis are Julija Kruder, Monika Retschy and Aya Onoe.
  • Very good results for the British Team. 5 climbers in semis. Coxsey, Tracy and Crane killed it.
  • 3 4 girls in the top 10 are 18 or younger (Mascarenas, Nonaka, Gejo and Garnbret).

Full results: men & women.


  1. Looks like an exciting day tomorrow. Shame about Anna Storr and Dmitry not making it through though.

    It would be good if there was a live stream for the qualification rounds. The short clips look really interesting blocs, particularly the one of Megan Mascarenas. I’d love to see the other competitors on these.

    • I’ll publish a highlights video as soon as I have the time to sit down and edit it. Hopefully the men’s video will be ready before the semis.

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