2016 Meiringen Bouldering World Cup – Semifinals

Technical semis in Meiringen. Tons of volumes and complex problems. Climbers were pressing, squeezing themselves against the wall and getting exhausted from the body tension.


The name of the day is Janja Garnbret, who looked one step ahead of the pack (even if that pack includes climbers like Noguchi, Mascarenas or Coxsey).

On the male side, many favorites are out: McColl, Hojer, Chon, Hori, Kruder, Gelmanov…

You can watch the replay here.

Full results: men & women.

Quick thoughts:

  • First final for Clementine Kaiser. Update: As Graeme points out int he comments, she’s the current French champion (in case her name doesn’t ring a bell).
  • Last time Landman made finals was in Vail 2008.
  • Impressive round for the French, 3 climbers in finals and 5 in the top 10.
  • Just Garnbret and Le Neve managed to top the first problem. It took Janja 4 tries but Le Neve flashed it!
  • The first problem for the guys was HARD. Just 2 guys got the bonus: Barrans and Stranik.

Finals at 18:30 (UTC+2). Live at ifsc-climbing.org


  1. Graeme Alderson says:

    Everyone needs to remember that Clementine is French national champion so it’s not really a surprise that she is in the final. And she was a finalist at CWIF 2015

    • Very good point, I’m gonna add that to the post. Sometimes I miss those (obvious) things while I’m typing in a hurry.

  2. Even though I’m disappointed not to see some of my favorite climbers make the finals, I love that the route setters design problems that elevate other climbers to the limelight.

    • I feel the same way. On one hand I want the big names in the finals but at the same time I love to have new faces and unexpected results.

  3. Thought Melissa climbed really well at this comp. Hope she can keep her form, it would be great to see her win a WC. And I’m impressed with Jorg Verhoven too just because he does so well against others that seem much stronger.

    • Many of us were impressed with Melissa. She was on fire. Both her and Verhoeven were in the right mental state, relaxed, having fun. It’s difficult to feel like that with so much pressure but if you can do it then things go smoothly.

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