2016 Vail Bouldering World Cup | Results

Megan Mascarenas and Kokoro Fujii have won the World Cup in Vail. The podium was completed by Shauna Coxsey, Tomoa Narasaki, Anna Stöhr and Alexey Rubtsov. Coxsey has secured the 2016 Overall title.

Full results: men & women.

World Cup ranking: men & women.


  1. Great shot of Alexey on bloc 2. If he’d stuck to the final hold he’d have won.

    Interesting problems though overall the standard seemed too high in most rounds except the women’s final. And what happened to Alex Puccio? Another injury it looked like. Great shame as she was doing so well up to the final.

    Great effort by Shauna winning the overall. Looks like only one of the top 3 men can take the title now and most likely it’ll be one of the Japanese.

    • Alexey was superclose on that one. And he got rally high on M4 too.

      Puccio seemed to have some issues with her neck, hopefully nothing too serious, but it certainly affected her performance.

      I haven’t done the math on the male overall. I would bet on Fujii.

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