2018 Hueco Rock Rodeo: Hard problems and hard rain

It doesn’t rain often in Texas’ desert, but when it does, it pours! An intense rainstorm forced the 2018 edition of the Hueco Rock Rodeo to be rescheduled. Frustrated climbers had to wait in their tents for the rain to stop and the rock to dry. But when it did, the climbing felt better than ever!

In the open competition, the winner was Keenan Takahashi. He managed to climb Flamignon (V13 | 8B), Phantom Limb (V12 | 8A+) and a handful of V11s (8A): The Flame, The Ugh, El Chupacabra Right and Scream. Not bad! The podium was completed by Toshi Takeuchi and Ben Hanna.

Oddly enough, none of the competitors in the female open turned in their scorecards, so there was no winner.

You can read more and check the rest of the results at rock and ice.

Al Smith on The Berserker V6 | 7A

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