8B (V13) Senders Ladies Club

Very few women have managed to send a problem graded 8B | V13 (and only eight have climbed an 8B+ | V14). This grade of difficulty represents the very cutting edge of female bouldering.

Red Carpet

In the same fashion that we’ve listed the male climbers who have managed to flash an 8B | V13, here’s the list of women who have climbed an 8B or V13 boulder problem:

Honorable mentions
Therese Johansen, Ashima Shiraishi and Barbara Zangerl (and Juliane Wurm, thanks Susi for the heads-up) (and Dorothea Karalus too, thanks Tom) both have sent Pura vida in Magic Woods. The problem started as a V13 but, if I’m not mistaken, it was already downgraded to V12 by the time they send it. Johansen also did Propaganda, proposed as V13 in 2010 but downgraded to V12.

Also, Spanish legend Josune Bereziertu climbed two 8c traverses (Travesía de Baltozla and E la nave va). Add that to her being the first women to climb 8c, 8+, 9a and 9a+.

Is there something wrong with this list? Please contact me! Thanks!


  1. Karoline Sinnhuber climbed her 1st 8B on Wednesday, Charity Boulder in Silvretta.

    No doubt there will be more after the winter season in Rocklands is over since every strong climber seems to be there at the minute!


    • Thanks a lot Amii!

      Yes, with gals like Petra Klingler, Melissa Le Neve and Shauna Coxsey in Rocklands I think I will be updating the list again.

  2. Xu Liting (SIN) on Fragile Steps

  3. Xu Liting SIN on Fragile Steps says:

    Xu Liting SIN on Fragile Steps – Rocklands 2017

  4. Fragile Steps was just sent by Ann Raber USA, and Alex Puccio just sent New Baseline. :)

  5. Kaddi lehmann climbs Kryptos (8C)

  6. Frances Bensley did Fat Lip 8B, at Raven Tor:

  7. Oriane Bertone also sent Golden Shadow about a year ago and The Master Key recently:

  8. Allison Vest just knocked down The Terminator at V13 in Squamish


  9. Rob Buffler says:

    Allison Vest first Canadian woman to send a V13. The Terminator Boulder in Squamish, BC. This saturday, aug 31

  10. Linda Sjödin sent New Baseline 8B

  11. This summer Katie Lamb climbed 5 8bs in RMNP! Nuthin but Sunshine, Don’t Get Too Greedy, The Wheel of Chaos, The Wheel of Chaos Direct, and Freaks of the Industry!


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