8C ascents by MacLeod, Moroni and Murai

The rock climbing doesn’t stop just because we are too busy with the World Cups. In the last days Dave MacLeod and Gabriele Moroni have repeated Practice of the Wild and Ryuichi Murai continued his sendfest with Hydrangea.

Two of the most accomplished and multidisciplinary climbers in Europe, Dave MacLeod and Gabriele Moroni, have pulled off repetitions of one of Chris Sharma’s hardest problems: Practice of the Wild, in Magic Wood Switzerland, graded 8C | V15 (Moroni logged the problem as 8B+ in 8a.nu, commenting that it didn’t feel like 8C).

Un vídeo publicado por Gabriele Moroni (@gabrimoroni) el

Sharma climbed the problem back in 2004 and since it has seen ascents by stars like Daniel Woods, Adamn Ondra, James Webb or Tyler Landman. It is regarded as Sharma’s hardest problem (I’m guessing nowadays it competes for that title with Catalan Witness the Fitness).

Here’s Nalle Hukkataival climbing Practice of the Wild:

Is quite impressive to see how hard MacLeod can boulder at his age, 37. Specially when he’s not by any means dedicated just to that discipline. He does lead, trad and ice climbing at a very high level; an all-rounded climber if there ever was one.

Meanwhile in Shiobara, Japan, young star Ryuichi Murai has climbed Dai Koyamada’s Hydrangea, the signature problem of the cave and one of the hardest roof problems in the world.

Here’s Motochika Nagao sending Hydrangea:

Murai has been repeating some of the hardest problem in Japan lately. Vanitas, Babel and Orochi (all of them 8C) have been added to his ticklist in the last months.

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