8C | V15 first ascent by Alexey Rubtsov in Russia

More first ascents by Alexey Rubtsov. Int Lietlahti Park, after his 8B | V13 highball, he finished a couple of projects more, including Whiplash, an 8C | V15 problem that he considers the hardest in Russia

Alexey Rubtsov projecting and sending Whiplash

Rubtsov’s trip to Lietlahti Park (close to the border with Finnland, near Triangular Lake, where he repeated Triangular Face a few weeks ago) has been very successful. First he climbed his 8 meter high project, Flame 8B | V13, and then he finished Dinamit, a powerful and explosive 8B | V13, and Wiplash 8C | V15.

Rubtsov has been working on Whiplash for two years. The line starts very overhanging, almost as a roof, and then transitions to more vertical and compression climbing. He considers it “the most difficult boulder in Russia and my hardest First Ascent“.

Rubtsov on Whiplash

About Dinamit: 'this is a very powerful 8B'

2017 has been a great season for Rubtsov. He ended up 3rd in the Bouldering World Cup, 3rd in the World Games and made finals in Adidas Rockstars too. He’s currently ranked World’s number 2.

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