8C’s for Koyamada and Murai

Japan is on fire! After the hard ascents we talked about last week, Dai Koyamada has added a new 8C | V15 first ascent to his already impressive resume. And another of Koyamada’s creations, Vanitas (also 8C), has been repeated by Ryuichi Murai.

Una foto publicada por @dai_koyamada el

Koyamada’s new 8C, Rokudou, is a low start to another hard line he sent about a week ago, Meikyoushisui (8B+/C). It is a roof problem located in Kagura cave.

Meanwhile, in Mount Horai, Ryuichi Murai has repeated Vanitas, which was opened by Koyamada back in 2014.

UPDATE: Markku points out that Vanitas was also climbed by Ichimiya Daisuke, and it looks like the same day, low gravity in Japan?

At this point is almost surprising to hear about a Japanese 8C that wasn’t opened by Koyamada…

Here’s a video of Murai’s ascent:

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