ABS Nationals Finals Live Today!

The 2013 ABS Nationals, basically the USA Bouldering Championship, is taking place in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this weekend. Yesterday they had the qualifying round and today the top 20 male and female boulderers will go on with the semis and the finals.

No surprises on the female side, all the superstars made it to semis so the competition for a place in finals will be fierce. And even more so on the guys side, despite some really strong climbers not making it to semis: Dave Graham (who won the Gladiator finals in front of a comp-god like Daniel Woods), Ethan Pringle (who made finals last year and won back in 2004) and Nick Picarella (second place in the Dark Horse Series Final ahead of guys like Traversi or Paul Robinson).

Two climbers competing at the ABS Nationals

Two competitors during the qualifiers. Screenshot from the amazing live stream provided by LT11.

Female Qualifier Results

Male Qualifier Results

The semifinals will start at 11am MST (Mountain Standard Time, UTC -7) and the finals at 8pm MST (detailed schedule). The guys of Louder Than Eleven will be offering a Live Stream (at LT11.tv, climbingnarc.com and neverstopexploring.com).

Yesterday we were surprised with an unannounced broadcast of the female qualifying round and the last part of the male qualifying round (they couldn’t start streaming the male round until the last competitor had entered the isolation area). I was really impressed (maybe I shouldn’t have been, LT11 have been doing good work for years) with the high-quality of the streaming. Really good image quality and good commenting (which in a qualifying round is never easy, too many people climbing, many of them not so well known).

Will Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods get their seventh title? Who can beat them? I can picture Payne, Jonhson, Williams, Robinson, Traversi, Barks and many others raising their hands.

Can’t wait to see what happens!


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