Adam Ondra flashes Jade V14 | 8B+

Adam Ondra has pulled off what is probably the hardest flash ever. He sent Jade (V14 | 8B+) in one attempt. During his short visit to Colorado he also flashed 2 problems graded V13 | 8B and sent White Noise (V15 | 8C).

To this date only three climbers have managed to flash a v14 | 8B+ boulder problem: Adam Ondra, James Webb and Daniel Woods.

That flashing a V14 is hard doesn’t need explanation. But what makes the flash of Jade one of the most impressive feats any climber has ever pulled off, is the crux-based nature of the problem.

Jade is all about 1 move. The move. A left hand reach in which you have nothing but the tiniest of crimps to hold with your right hand.

Flashing a problem that concentrates its difficulty so much is way harder than flashing an endurance-based problem with, say, 15 moves.

But Ondra was so hungry for real rock that during his short visit to the mountains of Colorado he also repeated White Noise (V15 | 8C) in a short session. And he flashed two V13 | 8B (Bear Toss and Don’t Get Too Greedy). And he did the first ascent of a new V14 | 8B+ problem.

With his current fitness level, what can’t Adam Ondra do?


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