Adidas Rockstars 2015 | Finals highlights video

Here’s our full summary of the Adidas Rockstars 2015 finals. Showing every single problem including the superfinals.


  1. This looked like a really great event. Particularly exciting to see the younger women, Garnbret and Mascarenas doing so well – both are super talented. How long before Ashima joins the adults? If Storr and Puchio are back in next year’s IFSC against Garbret, Mascarenas, Nonaka and Hayes it could be really interesting.

    Didn’t like the race against the clock in the super final part though. It’s inconsistent with the rest of the comp and too far removed from real bouldering for me. Definitely prefer the IFSC format with all the finalists on an equal footing.

    The footage, wall and route setting all looked really good. Though the lack of scoring and commentary make impossible to work out what was going on for most of the event. With much of the footage you can’t see the climbers’ faces so it wasn’t always clear who was climbing at some points. It would also be good to put up the full coverage of the event, alongside these edited highlights. I’m surprised this event didn’t get more coverage in the rest of the climbing media given the very strong field in both men’s and women’s.

    • Wow, great comment steve, a lot to chew on:

      Ashima will turn 16 in two years, so she will be allowed to compete with the adults.

      Next year’s world cup looks really interesting. I think we’ll finally see a lot of variety on the female side (not just Noguchi/Coxsey/Puccio/Stohr/Wurm). I don’t know if Mascarenas will do the entire circuit but she certainly is a force to be reckoned with. Along with Garnbret, Mascarenas, Nonaka and Hayes, don’t forget about Stasa Gejo and Julija Kruder. And who knows which new names will impress us next season.

      About the format, I prefer the IFSC format too, but I’m not against people experimenting with alternative formats. The superfinal is something that makes this comp unique and it really is very exciting when you watch it live.

      I’m not sure if you are talking about the official footage or mine. The full coverage of the finals is available at

      About my footage, it is not the goal to cover the entire thing, results included. I just try to offer an alternative perspective, focusing on different details of the comp. And in my case it’s a one-man band, I record all the footage myself and I run around trying not to miss anything important. Obviously in a short video is impossible to show everything, I have to choose what to leave out and sometimes it can be really hard.

      Thanks a lot for your comment!

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