Adidas Rockstars 2015 – Qualifiers

With just 17 women and 38 men the qualifying round hasn’t been the most exciting in terms of results but the problems have been really good and Rei Sugimoto’s send of M3 will be remembered by those who were in the Porsche Arena.

Obviously, all the female competitiors made it to semis. On the male side the only surprises have been Rustam Gelmanov and Andrzej Mecherzynski-Wiktor, who sit in 23rd and 28th position.

All the problems were solved and the event ran smoothly and without incidents.

The highlight of the day has been the only send of M3. The list of strong climbers who couldn’t get the top (some not even near it) is quite impressive (Hojer, Chon, Sharafutdinov, McColl, Coleman…).

When many of us were already thinking that the problems was going to remain unsolved, Rei Sugimoto showed his best “technique 2.0” (trademark Udo Neumann) and managed to swing his way to the final hold. He’s the only male climber with 4 tops.

Full results:

Semifinals tomorrow at 11am (UTC+2). There will be no livestream, stay tuned for our video.

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