Adidas Rockstars 2015!

This weekend Stuttgart’s Porsche Arena will host the fifth edition of Adidas Rockstars. The list of climbers and route setters is jaw-dropping. This is an event not to be missed.

Update: Check out our highlights videos: qualifierssemifinals and finals.


Since its first edition in 2011, Adidas Rockstars has become one of the most prestigious bouldering competitions in the world. Year after year many of the best boulderers on the planet gather in Stuttgart to take part.

This edition is no exception, climbers from all over the planet will compete and the starting list includes many world cup champions and world champions.

Let me give you a bunch of names to make it clear: Jongwon Chon, Akiyo Noguchi, Jan Hojer, Shauna Coxsey, Sean McColl, Miho Nonaka, Dmitry Sharafutdinov, Sol Sa, Alexey Rubtsov, Petra Klingler, Jernej Kruder, Fanny Gibert, Rustam Gelmanov, Melissa Le Neve

Update: Sad news, apparently Fanny Gibert has partially torn a pulley and won’t compete. (Thanks Etienne Vandamme for the heads up)

There also some famous climbers that we usually don’t get to see in the Bouldering World Cups: Sachi Amma, Jon Cardwell, Carlo Traversi..

The route setting team is full of stars too: Chris Danielson, Manuel Hassler, Laurent Laporte, Reinhard Fichtinger, Matthias Woitzuck, Adam Pustelnik and Felix Buchmann. Most of them have a ton of experience setting in World Cups and at least 4 have set in World Championships.

The competition will start on Friday with the qualifying round for the pros and an open competition. The winners of the open competition will get to the semis and compete with the pros.

Semifinals will take place on Saturday morning. Then the top 6 men and top 6 women will take part in the final round on Saturday evening.

You can watch the finals live at (Saturday, 20:15, UTC+2).

The competition format for qualifiers and semifinals is very similar to that of the IFSC, except that during qualifiers there are just 4 problems and they get 4 minutes per problem.

The format for the finals is unique. 6 climbers compete in 2 problems. Then the best 3 move to a third problem and after that the best 2 compete in the super final.

The super final consists of two identical problems that are climbed at the same time. It is speed bouldering. Both finalists start climbing at the same time and the first to push the buzzer at the top wins.

I’ve never been to this competition in person and I’m really curious to see how it compares to a World Cup. I will be shooting video and uploading the usual highlight as fast as possible. Make sure you stay tuned to our youtube channel.

More info in the official website.

The pictures in this article were taken by Elias Holzknecht and Christian Waldegger

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