Adidas Rockstars 2016 | Preview

Did you think that we were done with the world-class bouldering? Not yet. The IFSC bouldering season may have ended with the World Championships in Paris but we still have one more super-comp in store: Adidas Rockstars.

With a starting list full of stars from all over the planet, with international route setters that have tons of experience in IFSC competitions and with a very similar competition format, Adidas Rockstars is as close to a World Cup as you can get.

There’s one big difference though, The Super Final. The last round of Adidas Rockstars is quite unique. Starts as a Knock Out: After the first two boulders only the top 3 climbers continue to the third problem, then only the top 2 will take part in the Super Final.

In The Super Final, both finalists climb identical problems at the same time. Whoever climbs the boulder first wins the competition. This makes for a very exciting and decisive moment, full of tension.

The final will be streamed live at this Saturday at 20:15 (UTC+2).

Stay tuned and subscribe to our youtube channel because we will be uploading highlight videos of each of the rounds.

And, as a warm up, check out the highlights from last year’s final:

Our coverage of Adidas Rockstars is sponsored by Five Ten and Euro Holds.

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