Adidas Rockstars 2016 | Qualifiers

The first round of Adidas Rockstars has been full of dynamic and fun problems. The atmosphere is that of a big party and everyone seem to be having a good time, but some of the main “rockstars” failed to make semis.

Compared to Paris, with its super technical and sketchy moves, today the climbing has been much more gymnastic. And the athletes have welcomed the change of style (it helps that in this comp they have way less pressure than in the World Championships).

Not all of them are happy though, some big names, like Alexey Rubtsov, Jeremy Bonder, Melanie Sandoz or James Kassay failed to make semis and won’t be climbing tomorrow.

You can check the results here: men & women.

Semifinals tomorrow at 11am, followed by the final at 8.15pm (UTC+2, live at

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