Akiyo Noguchi and Kokoro Fujii 2016 Japan Champions

Akiyo Noguchi and Kokoro Fujii took the title in The Japanese Bouldering Championships that took place last weekend. The podium was completed by Miho Nonaka, Rei Sugimoto, Tomoko Kajima and Makoto Yamauchi.

Noguchi, Nonaka, Fujii, Sugimoto and Yamauchi took part in the 2015 IFSC World Cup with really good results; ending up in 1st, 3rd, 7th, 8th and 22nd in the overall ranking.

The Japanese team has been ranked number one in the overall world cup for the last two years and they are again among the clear favorites for this season.

Here’s the stream from the semis (I’ll link the finals as soon as they are available):

Pictures by Miwako Kubota and from the Rockmaster facebook page.

And, close to a year later, here you have the finals:


  1. Finals still not available? Can’t find them in the Internet either…

  2. The finals replay is finally out after 11 months :S

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