Alban Levier reopens Satan I Helvete

French climber Alban Levier has just climbed Satan I Helvete, a classic line in Fontainebleau that was deemed impossible after a crucial hold broke in 2013. Originally graded 8B | V13, Levier considers the problem to be around 8C | V15 now.

Satan I Helvete – Reopening 8cCe matin j’ai enfin enchaîné un de mes plus gros projets de l’hiver. Cela faisait deux ans que Satan I Helvete n’avait pas été répété en raison d’une prise cassée. Cette belle ligne méritait un petit rappel à l’odre. Ouvert à 8b, le bloc vaut aujourd’hui son 8c (V15) selon moi. Pour finir cette belle journée je réalise Narcotic 8b.
Trop content !

This morning I achieve one of my biggest winter project. Satan I Helvete wasn’t repeated since two years due to a breaking hold. This king line had to be ascent. Opened at V13, Today I think about a V15. To ending this nice day I did the ascents of Narcotic V13.
S’Cape Fontainebleau

Posted by Alban Levier on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Satan I Helvete was opened by Dave Graham back in 2003 and since then it has seen a lot of traffic by world class climbers like Dai Koyamada, Jan Hojer or Paul Robinson.

In December of 2013 the starting hold broke and some wondered if the problem was possible anymore.

Levier considers the new version “one of my biggest winter projects”, reopening it as an 8C | V15 more than 2 years after the last ascent.

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