Alberto Rocasolano opens El indomable, his new 8C+ | V16 proposal

Alberto Rocasolano keeps pushing the boundaries of Spanish bouldering. The Spaniard, who already proposed an 8C+ | V16 about a year ago and has climbed several 8C | V15 problems this year, has finished El indomable a long-term project in Tamajon, which he considers 8C+ | V16.

The ascent starts at 8:05

Rocasolano first tried the line back in 2015, working it in small sequences over the years. The type of limestone and the conditions in central Spain forced Rocasolano to try the project in the early morning hours, from 6 to 9 am. Finally, on the morning of the 10th of October, he sent it.

'I've been coming here at 5am for two months... to get on top of a rock...'

Rocasolano considers the line “the hardest problem in Spain, for sure“, and he would know, having climbed most of the hardest lines in the country.

Last month he opened Trinity, a roof 8C | V15. In January he repeated Crisis, which for years stood as Spain’s harderst problem. And, in November of 2016, he did the first ascent of La Teoria del Todo, which he also graded 8C+ | V16 but was later downgraded to 8C | V15.

Rocasolano seems to be in a very sweet moment and in impressive shape. Let’s see what he offers us next.

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