Alberto Rocasolano proposes Spain’s first V16 | 8C+

Spanish Boulderer Alberto Rocasolano has climbed a long-term project of his, La Teoría del Todo, in Albarracín, grading it 8C+ | V16. This is Spain’s first problem of that grade and Rocasolano’s hardest climb to date.

La Teoría del todo is a 10-move roof problem. It took Rocasolano around 40 sessions to send the problem.

Rocasolano is one of the most accomplished boulderers in Spain, having climbed 6 problems graded 8C | V15, including the first repetition of Chris Sharma’s Catalan Witness the Fitness.


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  2. […] Rocasolano is one of Spain’s most accomplished boulderers, he has climbed many of the hardest lines in the country and established its first 8C+ | V16 proposal. […]

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  4. […] Rocasolano is one of the strongest boulderers in Spain. Back in January he climbed Crisis, 8C/+, and last year he opened Spain’s first 8C+ | V16 proposal, La Teoría del Todo. […]

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