Alex Megos climbs Monkey Wedding too!

I told you Rocklands was on fire! And it will continue to be, now that Alex Megos has arrived and that Shauna Coxsey is on her way. The latest super-ascent on the area is yet another repetition of Fred Nicole’s Monkey Wedding, this time by Alex Megos. Apparently, on this trip, the only needed 30 min to climb it (he had tried it 3 years ago).

First day here in Rocklands and already sent “Monkey Wedding” after just half an hour of working out the moves! Did try it 3 years ago for half a day but thought I was too weak. This trip it didn’t feel very hard at all! Totally suites my style I guess.

Monkey Wedding seems to be getting a lot of traffic lately. As you know it has been recently repeated by Charles Albert and Alex Khazanov.

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