Alex Megos, third ascent of Lucid Dreaming V15

German climber Alex Megos has managed to repeat Paul Robinson’s Lucid Dreaming V15 (8C). This is the third ascent of the problem, which features some of the most difficult individual moves ever climbed.

Alex Megos sticking the third move of Lucid Dreaming

Alex Megos sticking the third move of Lucid Dreaming. Pic by Ken Etzel.

UPDATE: Video of the ascent

Lucid Dreaming is known for having three very hard moves in a row, the last two being very low-percentage. Combine that with very small, sharp and condition-dependent holds and you have the kind of problem that can frustrate even the most seasoned professionals.

Lucid Dreaming only has three hard moves, and you have to do each move perfect to be able to do the next one”

Alex Megos in

To make things even more interesting, once you’ve done the “hard part”, you are faced with a spicy high-ball slab section. Doing the whole problem took Megos 11 days of work, his “hardest and longest project“.

Alex Megos' fingers after a session on Lucid Dreaming

Alex Megos’ fingers after a session on Lucid Dreaming. Pic from Megos’ instagram.

Here’s Daniel Woods doing the second ascent of Lucid Dreaming:

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