Alex Puccio, 3 V13’s in a month

Alex Puccio is crushing in Colorado once again. 3 weeks ago she sent Irreversible, last week, Don’t get too greedy, yesterday, Free Range. 3 V13’s within a month. And it’s been just 4 months since her knee surgery.

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Alex Puccio on Irreversible

Alex Puccio got her left knee badly wrecked while warming up for the qualifying round during the Vail Bouldering World Cup. She tore the anterior cruciate ligament completely and the medial collateral ligament partially.

The 20th of June she had her ACL reconstructed. Since then she’s been working hard to recover and it seem to be paying off. Not only in terms of the many impressive videos she’s been sharing on her social media but with hard ascents on real rock too.

Less than two months after the surgery she climbed Euro Roof V10 | 7C+. Many more hard climbs followed, including 5 V12s (Euro TrashMemoirs of the Invisible ClimberMysterious Wayz, her first V12 flash, The power of ten and Lost in Space).

This it is pretty impressive by itself, but it gets into hard-to-believe territory when you realize that she still can’t fall on her left foot or do heel hooks with it.

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Alex Puccio on Don’t get too greedy

The last week of September she blew everyone’s minds by repeating Irreversible V13 | 8B, just 9 weeks after the surgery. Then she went on with Don’t get too greedy and, just yesterday, Free range.

Three V13’s in less than a month. That would be outstanding for an uninjured Puccio. Doing that while nursing a reconstructed ACL is beyond words and it goes to show what a remarkable athlete she is.

Puccio has been often praised for her physical strength, these last 4 months she’s shown that her mental strength and determination are at least at the same impressive level.

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Alex Puccio on Free range

PS.: If you wanna know more about Puccio’s recovery check out her interview at Chalk Talk Podcast.

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