Alex Puccio and Shawn Raboutou win the Vulcan Cup, 3rd stop of the USA Cup

Alex Puccio is on a roll, she’s won the 6 competitions she has entered since she started climbing again after her neck surgery. Last weekend, she won the 3rd competition of the USA Cup, the Vulcan Cup, in Birmingham, Alabama. Shawn Raboutou won on the male side. Daniel Woods, Kyra Condie, Carlo Traversi and Angie Payne completed the podium.

Update: Highlights video!

Una foto publicada por Alex Puccio (@alex_puccio89) el

So far Raboutou and Puccio lead the series with with 2 and 3 victories respectively. The USA National Cup will conclude at the end of January with the Dark Horse Championship in Massachusetts. Then the Open National Championship will take place in Utah in February.

The success continues on rock
After the cup, Puccio went to Hueco Tanks, Texas, where she confirmed her impressive shape and repeated Terre de Sienne, a finger strength test piece opened by Fred Nicole and currently considered V13 | 8B.

Una foto publicada por Alex Puccio (@alex_puccio89) el

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