Alex Puccio keeps sending hard in Switzerland

The Puccio train keeps on rolling. After her victory in Adidas Rockstars, she went back to Magic Wood, Switzerland, where she had already sent New Base Line, her 4th V14 | 8B+ problem. In the last days, she has climbed a couple of V13’s and a V12.

On New Base Line 8B+ | V14. “I wanted to climb this boulder ever since I saw it over 6 years ago. We finally had a “cooler” and dryer day and it went!!”

Puccio’s European trip couldn’t be going better. After her 5th place finish in the Munich Bouldering World Cup, she went ahead and won the Arco Rockmasters Bouldering K.O. event. Then she went to Magic Wood, where she promptly climbed New Base Line, considered V14 | 8B+ (this was the third female ascent after Shauna Coxsey and Anna Stöhr), and a couple of V11 | 8A (Foxy Lady and Sofa Surfer).

Then she visited Stuttgart, in Germany, to take part in Adidas Rockstars. We all know how well that went. Rigth after Stuttgart, it was rock climbing again. Back in Magic Wood she just added Riverbed, One Summer in Paradise (both 8B | V13) and Pura Vida (8A+ | V12) to her ticklist. She still has some days left to climb over there, so don’t be surprised if this post is just part 1 of a series ;)

On Riverbed 8B | V13. “This was my second session on it, psyched it came together quickly”

“I sent ‘Pura Vida’ V12 | 8A+ which I fell off the very last ‘easier’ moves many years ago. Guess I got revenge today!”


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