Alex Puccio sends her second V14 | 8B+

Alex Puccio is in top form and keeps on crushing. After her second place in the Bouldering World Championships she went back to Colorado and did a quick repeat (just two sessions) of Wheel of Chaos, V14 | 8B+.

Wheel of Chaos, located in the Rocky Mountain National Park, is a long overhanging problem (more than 20 moves). Daniel Woods made the first ascent in 2013 and it has been climbed by people like Matty Hong, Nalle Hukkataival, Dave Graham, Jon Cardwell or Paul Robinson.

With this ascent Puccio becomes the first woman ever to climb two V14 problems. Given that her first one, Jade, is basically a 1-move problem and that Wheel of Chaos is an endurance-based one, it’s clear that Alex is ready to face pretty much any bouldering challenge you can imagine.

Puccio’s last three months have been historical. Her tick list in the RMNP is full of hard ascents, including 6 problems graded V14 | 8B or harder. Also, if she can send a V14 in two sessions… could she send a V15? It may be a matter of time.

Update: Puccio sending the problem.

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