Alex Puccio, sendage in Leavenworth including V13 | 8B in a day

Alex Puccio has paid a very productive visit to the bouldering area of Leavenworth, in the state of Washington. In just one day she climbed The Teacup (V13 | 8B), The Practitioner (V11 | 8A), Abstraction (V10 | 7C+) and flashed The Coffe Cup (V9 | 7C).

Una publicación compartida de Alex Puccio (@alex_puccio89) el

Alex Puccio on The Teacup (V13 | 8B)

By they way, the next day the sendage went on, and she claimed ascents of Monarch (V11 | 8A), Hypertrophy (V10 | 7C+) and Bananas, flash, (V8 | 7B+).

If you are courious about Leavenworth, check out this video by Jon Glassberg. The first two problems, The Coffee cup and The Practitioner, were climbed by Puccio on her first day:

And here you have some more Leavenworth bouldering, including The Teacup (min 13:28):

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