Alex Puccio vs. Akiyo Noguchi | Compare and Contrast

Today I wanna share a new experiment. A climbing comparison video in which I (over)analyze and compare how Alex Puccio and Akiyo Noguchi climbed the same problem during the 2013 World Cup in Log Dragomer, Slovenia.

This is an attempt to offer a different, more in-depth, analysis that what is usually offered in climbing comparison videos (which in most cases just show the climbers side by side). Let me know what you think!

Perhaps I went a bit too far, but once you start to really pay attention, all sorts of tiny details appear. In fact, there are many that I didn’t mention in the video because I noticed them while editing. Like, for instance, how Alex uses the undercling of the yellow volume to compress the volume and make the transition to the red one easier.


  1. I really liked this. Very well put together allowing plenty of time for analysis. The only thing that perhaps makes this particular problem less interesting is that it was too easy for both of them. When you climb something easily you have more margin for error and aren’t forced to work out the best solution. I’d be interested in seeing more of these kind of videos.

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