Alexey Rubtsov repeats Triangular Face, grading it 8B+ | V14

Russian climber Alexey Rubtsov has made the first repetition of Triangular Face, a hard boulder problem, located near Triangular Lake, close to the Russian Border with Finnland.

Alexey Rubtsov climbing Triangular Face

Triangular Face was opened by Vadim Timonov last July. Timonov proposed the 8C grade (“It was often seemed impossible to knock into one. I assume that it’s 8C. It took a lot of time and strength” he wrote) but Rubtsov seems to consider it on the 8B+ range (although he concedes that it fit his style).

I think that climbing 8C in one day is too difficult, so I think grade is 8B+.
Rubtsov on Triangular Face

'I quickly realized that boulder is in my style, and after several hours of work, I managed to make the second assent!'

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