Ashima doesn’t disappoint | YWCH Day 2

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Ashima Shiraishi goes to finals of bouldering youth A in first place after the semifinal tonight. On the male side, Filip Schenk, from Italy, leads the board. In the morning we had the Qualification for the youngest category, youth B.

Highlights from the Youth B Male qualification

The youth B qualification round was clearly easier than the one we had yesterday. Not only were all the problems climbed, but 12 climbers got 4 tops (out of 4, in youth comps they have one boulder less than in seniors).

Rei Kawamata, Hajime Takeda, Vanda Michalkova and Emily Philips are in first place. The Japanese team had very good results.

Full results (Youth B): men & women.

In the evening it was the turn of the Youth A category, with Ashima Shiraishi as its main attraction. The young American climbed well and sits in the first position. The difficulty was almost perfect, with just one problem unsolved. The final will take place tomorrow at 8pm (UTC+2).

Full results (Youth A): men & women.

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Tomorrow we will also have the qualification round for the Juniors, the oldest category. With stars like Meichi Narasaki, Margo Hayes or Yoshiyuki Ogata.

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